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In an ever-changing digital world, creatives are challenged to quickly master the tech nuance that comes with sharing their story. LAGOM KREATIV exists to help creative businesses and artists share their vision through graphic design, video production and digital systems design so they can extend their artistry farther, wider, and with confidence.



(that's Swedish for Welcome!)

A Digital Creative Studio for Artists by Artists

In Swedish, you can use one of two words to label an artist: konstnär or Eldsjäl {eld-whel). Konstnär is the standard but if you're here, my guess is you are the latter. Eldsjäl directly translated means "Fire Soul." It means you're someone who is creative and driven and does everything to succeed with your work, artistic and entrepreneurial. I started LAGOM KREATIV to help stoke that fire. I help artists start that business, act on that big idea, and ultimately build a life supported by their artistry.

I'm an Artist
just like you.

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it all started with my camera.

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