(that's Swedish for, you guessed it, Media)

Video can often feel like the largest technological lift, but it's not going away anytime soon. In fact, it's only becoming more important. The good news is you don't need to do it alone. Whether you need help with live streaming or fully produced video, I can help bring your vision to the screen. 


◆ Works with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and After Effects
◆ In-house Graphic Design 
◆ Payment Plans available

Do you have video footage that needs to be edited into a high quality video? Maybe that's an online course, marketing video, or video performance. Do you need a videographer or maybe just a video consult. My goal is to remove the overwhelm and help you add stunning video to your project.

.01 Video Production


◆ Release the need to focus on "the tech of it" 
◆ A designated show runner
◆ Creative Producer consultation

Virtual performance experienced a massive boom in 2020 out of necessity and with the many benefits it offers, we should seek ways to continue bringing performance to the digital space. If you need help producing a high quality live stream or virtual performance, my expertise will ensure a smooth run-of-show! 

.02 Virtual

.02 Virtual Production

Recent Work


Eileen Cannon LLC

Marketing Video // Editing

Marketing Video // Editing

Watch That Rock Pilates

Digital Course // Editing

Watch That Rock Pilates

Alan and Gray Musicals

Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts

Digital Course // Editing

Live Streaming  // Producer, Host, Showrunner

Live Streaming  //
Producer, Host, Showrunner

Virtual Production // Production Consulting, Editing, Live Showrunner

Broadway Weekends

Marketing Video // Editing

I travel up to 200 miles by car, and nationwide or international by plane. If you prefer not to bring me to you, I can reach out to my partner network local to your area. 
*If you're in NYC, I'm in the city frequently. Ask about my city availability.

QUESTION 3 // Do you travel for filming services?

Turnaround time varies based on the project and client response time. If you’re on a tight deadline let me know and I’ll do my best to work around it!

QUESTION 2 // What is your turnaround time?

While the bulk of my work so far has been producing and editing, yes I do also offer filming services. If this is something you need, book a call and let's chat!

QUESTION 1 // DO YOU film my event or project type or only produce and Edit?

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what clients are asking

- Lori L. // Actress & Voice Teacher - 

"I am beyond grateful to Sierra for the beautiful work she did helping me create my first digital voice recital. Parents of my voice students had begged for a virtual recital in the pandemic, and though I could have devoted hours to figuring out the technical aspects and caused myself a major headache, I felt immediate relief when I hired Sierra to take over so I could concentrate on my job - to teach! Sierra helped me explain to my students exactly what they needed to record in terms of video production, audio quality, working with accompaniment tracks, etc. She did all of the video and sound editing to create a beautiful hour long recital for my students and their friends and families to watch, as well as have a copy to enjoy forever. When she showed me the preview, I was stunned - without this idea even crossing my mind, she pulled colors from my headshot and website to create fonts and images that truly captured me, my essence, my studio, and it was more than I could have asked for. I felt SO proud for my students to see their work in such a professional video recording, and I can honestly say I couldn't have pulled it off without Sierra. She's a gem of a human and a master at blending her knowledge of technology with all things creative. "

happy clients

- Jenny H. // Actress & Pilates Studio Owner

"Working with Sierra on my digital course is 100% the reason my digital course exists! When Sierra and I initially connected about my project, I was feeling so overwhelmed, I didn’t think I could make it happen. Sierra was able to help me really see the possibility and step in to make sure I felt supported, knowledgeable and confident along the way, even from 100’s of miles apart. Once I saw Sierra’s editing work come to life on the first clip I sent her, I never had another worry in my mind that my project was in the best of hands and my clients would be supremely happy. Not only do I love the work Sierra did editing my content, but the feedback I’ve received from client about the level of professionalism of the course has been amazing to hear!"

happy clients

- Taran G. // Musical Theatre Composer & Music Producer -

"Sierra is CUTTING EDGE. She takes the leading innovations in the technology world and craft-fully implements them into compelling storytelling."

happy clients